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Willow Tree Homes has been founded on the principles of authenticity, truth and integrity.


We pride ourselves on creating exceptional properties with the perfect home environment, and we deliver thought to each of our homes, giving purpose and individuality to each room through scrutiny of plans and attention to detail.


Since 2014, Willow Tree Homes has successfully undertaken a wide range of projects, from single residential homes to large land promotions of 250 houses.  We create places where people will want to live and we do this through our aesthetically pleasing architecture, landscape design, imaginative interior design and internal specification - all of this coupled with our rigorous attention to detail creates a home second to none. 

A word from Gareth Garner, CEO

Having had the opportunity to work for several prestigious house builders and knowing how they work. 

I specialise in maximising efficiency of development land whilst levelling up the rewards in terms land value to the landowners. 


I recognise the key to a successful development is working with the landowner to see what it is they are looking for from the development - are they solely focussed upon maximising returns, a carbon neutral development or a legacy to their stewardship of the land...?


Developers whom are focused on the land and planning aspect are not "house builders" - I believe the industry needs to change so the benefits can be shared and not solely taken by the "house builders", which would be a much fairer approach. 

At the Office

I have worked in the residential property industry since 1993 and have bought development land, obtained planning and delivered successful developments for the likes of Barratt Homes, The Berkeley Group, Shanly Homes and Bewley Homes.


During this time, I have developed a deep knowledge and understanding of exactly what drives value for land owners and developers and the best route to deliver planning permission. 

"You're never wrong to do the right thing."   


Mark Twain